Consensual Blackmail

I offer only one type of blackmail and that is simply the real thing and becoming My blackmail victim is the ultimate in offering yourself to serve your Goddess Siren. This is not play, it is no longer merely a game but a major power exchange conducted at considerable risk to your financial and mental health and safety. I must stress it is for serious players only and I will need to be satisfied you are really ready to be blackmailed by Me before beginning. Many people approach Me saying they are interested in blackmail but few are genuinely prepared to go ahead with it. Be warned - this edge play is dangerous and yet highly addictive.

Does the idea of a powerful and beautiful Goddess blackmailing you arouse you? Are you ready to give Me as much personal information as I demand; knowing I will verify it to make sure it is genuine? Would it thrill you to send Me incriminating photographs or videos knowing I may well use them against you? In you session with Me would it excite you to know I may interrogate you for more information and gather yet more evidence? Does your heart beat a little faster when I say I can be THE Bitch when it comes to blackmail and there is nothing I love more than to know I have a blackmail victim living in constant fear and anxiety as they await My next move. If so then being blackmailed by Me may be for you.

The monthly tribute is a minimum of $200.00. Imagine that you are taking me out for dinner once per month, every month.

My consensual blackmail is not financial rape; this is obedience, yours. You will learn to obey a beautiful woman. You will pay the monthly tribute of $200.00 to keep your information private. You will be responsible for email assignment fees, and phone call fees in addition to the monthly $200.00. You know exactly how much you will be spending; be careful – Goddess Siren is addicting.

Those brave enough to proceed should pay the $200 tribute and download My Consensual Blackmail Contract. Remember though, once you start, there is no going back. Negotiation and agreement of terms is fine, but once we start, I own your fucking ass. Simple!

Consensual Blackmail Contract